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I'm the creator of Therapeutic Coaching and Founder of The Optimum Health Clinic and Conscious Life. This is my personal site where you can find out more about my books, programs and In Therapy with Alex Howard series.

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My companies

Alex Howard Group

I’m very proud to work with some amazing people across the Alex Howard Group companies

The Clinic
Discover personalised, integrative and evidence-based support at The Optimum Health Clinic (OHC). Established in 2004, the OHC is an online clinic specialising in supporting those with chronic fatigue, trauma, anxiety and sleep issues. With clients in over 50 countries, the clinic has helped over 10,000 people on their journey to optimum health. 
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Learn Online
A leading online learning platform, Conscious Life hosts conferences, courses and workshops which feature experts such as Dr Gabor Maté, Marianne Williamson, Ken Wilber, Byron Katie and many others. Conscious Life’s super conferences on trauma, anxiety, sleep, relationships and fatigue have been attended by over 1 million people.
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Become a Practitioner
Deepen your own self-development or train to become a practitioner with our Therapeutic Coaching and Therapeutic Nutrition courses. Discover the methodology behind The Optimum Health Clinic’s psychology and nutrition offerings, and discover the proven tools and protocols to transform your life and the lives of others.
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Unlock your healing potential

Come along on the journey as real people work with issues such as trauma, anxiety and grief. It’s a taste of being in therapy yourself, but from the comfort of your own home.

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