The Strength To Live
Meet Nicole...
The Strength To Live follows the powerful story of Nicole, a courageous mother grappling with profound loss and addiction. In the face of unimaginable tragedy — the loss of her twin babies — Nicole found herself caught in the grip of grief, seeking solace in alcohol. But now, with the support of therapy and an unwavering determination, she’s ready to rewrite her story and reclaim her strength. In this feature-length episode, Nicole confronts her debilitating grief and addiction, and recognises her true strength, all in the pursuit of forging a happy and healthy life for herself and her son.

Nicole's Story

The Strength To Live
Overcoming Grief And Addiction: A Mother’s Journey
Feature-length Episode

Paul's Story

A Father’s Journey From Grief To Hope
Life After Loss | Part 1: Grief
Paul Episode 1
Life After Loss | Part 2: Growth
Paul Episode 2
Life After Loss | Part 3: Hate
Paul Episode 3
Life After Loss | Part 4: Hope
Paul Episode 4
Life After Loss | Q&A With Paul & Alex
Paul Episode 5

Pierre's Story

Overcoming Childhood Neglect
Pierre Episode 1
Healing Comes From Within
Pierre Episode 2
Why Hate And Rage Are Good For You
Pierre Episode 3
Love Is The Fabric Of Who You Are
Pierre Episode 4
Living With Impostor Syndrome
Pierre Episode 5
Are You Enough As You Are?
Pierre Episode 6
The Key To Breaking Bad Habits
Pierre Episode 7
Focus On WHO You Want To Be
Pierre Episode 8
4 Key Takeaways From Pierre’s Journey
Pierre Episode 9
Your Questions: Answered
Pierre Episode 10

Hayley's Story

Realise Your Worth
Hayley Episode 1
Is Your Happiness Tied To Others?
Hayley Episode 2
Reframe How You See Yourself
Hayley Episode 3
Celebrate Your Goodness
Hayley Episode 4
Access Your Anger
Hayley Episode 5
Listen To Your Inner Child
Hayley Episode 6
Discover Your Hidden Strength
Hayley Episode 7
Rewrite Your Story
Hayley Episode 8
As One Journey Ends…Another Begins
Hayley Episode 9
4 Key Themes From Hayley’s Journey (Plus Q&A)
Hayley Episode 10
What Is Trauma? And Do You Have It?
Hayley Episode 11
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